Why You Should Use The AC Infinity Airframe Closet Fan System

If you’re storing a data server in your warehouse office, you understand the importance of keeping your server rack cool; your company needs instant access to its assets at all times so it needs to stay on 24/7. You’ve installed your many hard drives, mounted the servers on a rack, added additional cooling systems like our Cloudplate Series, and close the closet door for good. Your server rack is all set, but what about occasions where you need to perform maintenance? Your servers are temperature controlled but what about the room it’s stored in? With so little space, it’s bound to get hot.

So stay cool when you need to step into your closet by mounting the Airframe Closet Fan!

Whether you have server computers or AV equipment, keeping the ambient temperature down is just as important to stay comfortable as you adjust settings or troubleshoot equipment. The Airframe features dual fans that provide powerful airflow, as well as thermal control console to set your optimal room temperature. For even more optimal cooling, use both our intake and exhaust systems to blow cooler air in and hotter air out.

With lower ambient temperatures, you won’t have to sweat the details and once again pay no mind to your data closet. Check out the Airframe closet fan system to see how it can best cool your tight closet space.