AC Infinity Ecosystem

The Universal Infinity System™ is our latest innovation in environmental controls. First released in 2020, our patent-pending system consists of a series of smart controllers and devices that integrate with each other to become fully automated. UIS™ grow devices in this ecosystem like our ventilation fans, circulation fans, and grow lights can simultaneously connect with our smart controllers. Each one can be automated with smart programming and work together to create the ideal growing environment for your plants. See our Compatibility List for all smart controllers and devices in the UIS ecosystem.


Smarter Controls

Go beyond basic on/off triggering by setting advance programs that adjust fan speed and light intensity in response to schedules and changing climates. Create a dynamic response that increases your equipment’s output incrementally the further the climate deviates from your target. Set minimum baseline levels that your devices will run at constantly, and only increase when triggers are activated. Connect to the AC Infinity app to remotely access your devices, unlock advance programs, set alarms and notifications, view climate charts, export CSV data, and more. See our Controllers Comparison for a complete list of their features. 

AC Infinity smart app grow controller

For the Home Grower

As fellow growing enthusiasts, we understand the barriers of entry when it comes to starting a home grow, especially indoors. Enter our all-in-one plant kit system, which combines all the required tools needed to start a grow indoors in a single package. Each kit utilizes the UIS ecosystem to automate the entire growing process and is available in custom sizes based on your desired capacity. It comes complete with our UIS-compatible smart controller, inline fan, circulation fan, and grow light. We also include our step-by-step grow guide to simplify and navigate you through the entire growing process. Check out our new Advance Grow Tent Systems.

AC Infinity advance grow tent plant kit system