Our Newest Arrivals of July for Ease of Harvesting!

AC Infinity announces the newest addition to our expanding line of growing accessories! Whether your grow light uses LED, HPS, or other types of lighting, performing regular maintenance on your plants under them can be harsh on your eyes. Additionally, proper inspection of your plants can be tricky when your lighting is too warm or too cool in color temperature. To ensure optimal vision, you will need a set of protective eyewear.

Grow Glasses

Enter AC Infinity’s pair of grow room glasses, built with ocular and cephalic comfort in mind. All sets of lenses are UV 400+ rated to provide UVA/UVB protection while also reducing eye strain for longer-lasting comfort under intense lighting. This comfort is backed by the lightweight, wraparound style frame that fully covers your eyes.

Our grow light glasses come complete with three color corrective lenses to neutralize warm or cool color temperatures of any given grow light. So whether you use LED, HPS, MH lighting, or even sunlight, you can get color accurate vision that covers the entire spectrum of white. Use the following colored lenses when inspecting your plants under these color temperatures:

  • Green Lenses – Blue & Red Lighting
  • Blue Lenses – Yellow Lighting
  • Gray Lenses – Full Spectrum Lighting

Remember that even while wearing this pair of grow tent glasses, staring directly at your grow light can cause permanent damage to your vision. See your plants as they should be today.

Drying Racks

This release also includes our newest set of herb drying racks to evenly dry or cure your plant material.

Each drying rack is crafted with a flexible steel wireframe that enables it to collapse and fold for quick carrying. This frame is enveloped by a breathable polyester mesh that facilitates even drying and curing while also keeping the drying rack light. Chambers are 6.75 inches high and are zippered to help you organize and categorize your buds, seeds, flowers, fruits, and more.

While a hanging hook is included, the sewn-in Velcro loop eliminates the need to hang this drying rack using tools. This allows you to perform hang drying on almost any ceiling beam or branch.

Available now in five sizes and multiple tiers.