Enter the SUNCORE Seedling Mat!

AC Infinity announces the arrival of the SUNCORE heat mat for seedlings! We have become the leader in grow tent ventilation, thanks to our smart and quiet inline duct fans. Now we are looking to provide you the tools you need throughout the entire grow process, from planting to harvesting. To produce the greatest yields, you’ll need successful seed starting.

Far-Infrared Technology

This is a seedling mat designed to accelerate the germination and rooting process by emitting steady warmth. Each mat is crafted with an innovative far-infrared film that softly emits heat at a faster rate than alloy wires. This produces an ambient temperature of 80-87°F, which is the ideal range for quickly germinating seeds. The far-infrared film evenly distributes its heat output throughout the mat and is dual-insulated protect your seeds from scorching.

Multi-Layer Protection

Each seedling mat is sealed with an IP-67 rating to protect the heating film from moisture and dust. It is can weather long, extended use and is safe and easy to clean thanks to its multi-layer PVC construction. Because its make-up is flexible, you can bend the seedling mat any way you want to easy storage. You can also roll and store it in the included nylon bag.

How to Use This Heating Mat

The SUNCORE seedling mat is made to create a climate that is conducive to growth for your seeds. Its heat output emits high enough so it reaches your seeds. Plug in the seedling mat and place your tray on top of it to begin the process. To get the best results, pair your seed tray with a humidity dome to supplement the sprouting. While its primary function is plant propagation, the SUNCORE seedling mat can also be used for home brewing, beverage fermenting, and warming pet enclosures for reptiles.

Jumpstart your grow today.