The Best Place to Install Your Carbon Filter

Most growers value their privacy when it comes to cannabis, since the smell it emits can be strong and pungent. Naturally, they turn to strong odor scrubbers like a carbon filter to affix onto their ducting and trap smells in its charcoal bed. While grow tent equipment can be arranged in many ways, there is an ideal spot to install a carbon filter.

The Most Recommended Location

We recommend installing your carbon filter at the beginning of your ducting route. That is, placing it inside of your grow tent where your ductwork begins. This is a common set up, especially among those who use metal halide or HPS grow lights with duct ports. Placing your carbon filter at the start of your ductwork minimizes the risk of the smell leaking out of your grow tent.

This orientation is also considered complete or efficient since the inline duct fan pulls odor AND hot air from the grow tent simultaneously. Because it’s placed at the source of the smell, odors have fewer opportunities to escape through potential openings.

Other Locations

Sometimes the size of your grow tent forces you to arrange your equipment in other ways. Perhaps fitting your inline fan, grow light, and carbon filter requires too many  duct bends that reduce airflow.

If your grow tent doesn’t allow for all three pieces to fit inside, you may also install your carbon filter outside. Placing it at the end of your ductwork is a viable option if the ducting is completely air sealed. Make sure the duct ports on your grow tent is completely sealed as well. One other option is to directly connect your carbon filter to your inline fan if you’re not using a grow light hood.

The idea is any amount of air leaving your grow build must pass through your carbon filter so that odor does not spread. So regardless of where you install it, air sealing your grow tent and ducting is vital in eliminating any possibility of leaks.