T-Series with Temp & Humidity Programming Has Got You Covered

Whether you're growing tomatoes or cannabis, the T-Series with temperature and humidity programming has got you covered. 

Unlike other inline fans, the AC Infinity Cloudline Series has a digital controller and attachable probe to detect temperature and humidity. With its temperature and humidity programming, adjustable fan speed control, timer, and alarm system, you won’t have to stress over the progress of your grow making it much easier to manage.

Simply program you controller to trigger and run at customizable speeds when given power. Set your high and low temperatures and high and low humidity triggers at the speed you need to ventilate. The controller also has backup memory so it won't forget what you set your triggers to.

The benefit of having the ability to change your fan's speed is to keep the temperature and humidity at the right level for what state your plant is in. For seeds and clones, the relative humidity temperature should be at a certain range from 65-70% for root development. Healthy roots are the starting foundation of a successful grow. Once your plants are out of veg then the settings are once again easily adjusted to suit your plant.

Each plant may have it’s differences and maintenance, but the Cloudline T-Series makes it a breeze.