Enter the CLOUDLINE LITE Series!

AC Infinity announces the arrival of the CLOUDLINE LITE Series! This set of inline fans is made for those who wants it all, delivering what makes the CLOUDLINE great in a package filled with features favored by growers. With an updated port and connector system in play, this forward-thinking design is implemented to make the LITE series future ready.

The Value Package

CLOUDLINE LITE Series fans aim to bring growers the same efficient design and innovations the CLOUDLINE Series offer in a more budget friendly build. The PWM-controlled EC motor returns to enable the LITE Series to smoothly run at low RPM speeds without generating motor noise. CLOUDLINE LITE can quietly deliver airflow with energy efficiency using the same mixed flow design and dual ball bearings. IP-44 rating also returns to keep dust and splashing liquids out and protect its long, 67000-hour lifespan. 

Adjustments to performance specifications were made to bring the LITE Series within reach of more growers. CFM airflow is set up to 20% lower than that of the CLOUDLINE Series while the noise rating increases by up to 7%.

Keeping the same build quality principles in mind, this set of inline duct fans use a plastic mounting base (changed from a steel mounting base). Vibration noise caused by fan operation is inevitable, as sound waves travel through connected hanging or mounting pieces like straps or rope clip hangers. This plastic base can better absorb sound waves to reduce rattling so you can still ensure a quieter space in spite of a higher noise decibel rating.

Plug and Play

The CLOUDLINE LITE brings itself to today’s connectivity standards, using a USB Type-C connector that plugs into its controller with no hassle. This allows it to plug in normally or flipped for an easier installation. The space-saving design will also allow more inline fans to connect with future controllers, compared to existing smart controllers built with two 4-pin Molex ports.

Natively compatible with its own series of controllers as well as CONTROLLER 63, the CLOUDLINE LITE can expand its compatibility to existing EC-motor based controllers (when used with the included USB Type-C to 4-Pin Molex dongle) which include the:

This allows users to mix and match blower fans to share the same programming to either enhance CFM performance in their grow tent or create intake/exhaust airflow.

Putting Control in Grower's Hands

LITE Series controllers offer marijuana growers' favorite features along with a few upgrades. A-Series controllers offer 10 speed control options (from 8 speeds) and is programmed with backup memory to save speed settings when shutting off your fan.

B-Series controllers bring back the mainstay temperature triggers that activate the inline fan when its sensors detect a rise past your set threshold. Set with a kickstand for a sleek, desktop form factor, it also brings essential features from CONTROLLER 67 that cannabis growers love which includes the following:

  • Timers
  • Cycles
  • Minimum Fan Speed
  • Custom Transitions

The CLOUDLINE A6 is available now, with more models to look forward to coming soon. We can't wait to show you what's next!