Enter the Air Filtration Kit for Grow Tents!

AC Infinity announces the arrival of our inline fan and carbon filter kit for grow tents! Made for those who know their build, this set conveniently puts together all the essential pieces you need to quickly start your grow. For beginner growers, this is the perfect opportunity for you to skip the guesswork and select your components based on size.

LITE, Yet Powerful

This compilation is headlined by the CLOUDLINE LITE inline fan that provides premium quality and core innovations in a value build. It retains the same mixed flow design as the flagship CLOUDLINE that enables it to perform in the most restrictive spaces. Detachable impeller and blades simplify cleaning while the plastic mounting base helps diminish noise resulting from fan vibration. Also built with dual ball bearings that allow for omnidirectional mounting and lasts up to 67,000 hours of continuous use. The CLOUDLINE LITE is paired with a fan controller with 10 speeds to optimize airflow levels and noise for many applications.

Complete Odor Blockage

Scrub the air with an inline charcoal filter and block odors from seeping out of your grow tent. Its 38mm thick carbon bed uses 1200+ IAV rated charcoal with an RC412 microporosity for superior adsorption. Includes a prefilter cloth for use as the first line of defense against insects and debris as well as extending the filter’s lifespan. Reversible flanges help further extend its lifespan.

Airflow Routing

Our 25-foot set of flexible duct tubes rounds out this grow tent ventilation kit, connecting the CLOUDLINE LITE and carbon filter with the rest of your build. It features four layers of protection, made of outer PVC thermoplastic and inner aluminum, to resist tears and leakage. Bound by steel wires, this set of ducting properly routes air away from your grow tent to ensure a fresh interior environment.

The 6 in. filtration kit is available now, with more sizes coming soon.