COVID-19 Update #2

As we progress through the coronavirus era, AC Infinity has been experiencing an uptick in orders and email inquiries. Customers are looking to the company for cooling needs as we enter the summer season and to take on personal projects like growing and server building. These factors have called for us to adjust to the evolving COVID-19 crisis as atypical issues arise.

Phone Calls

Our customer service representatives have been working from home following the initial stay-at-home order and are unable to respond to phone calls. As such, we are only accepting email inquiries at this time; please email us at for assistance with your questions and concerns. This will continue to be our primary driver of customer service for the foreseeable future.

The customer service team has been expanding to address the sudden increase in emails concerning order statuses and inventory. The AC Infinity website will also soon reactivate its live chat system that appears on the lower right corner of each page. These steps will allow us to better manage the influx of customer questions while addressing them in a more responsive manner. The safety of our staff is a top priority as AC Infinity depends on them for the company to operate and for customer outreach. Phone calls will be accepted once the company can ensure a safe and open work environment.

Shipping Delays

The unexpected increase in orders has put a logistical strain on our delivery time. In addition to the maximum load our shipping carrier must deal with, we’ve implemented new safety measures to protect our warehouse staff. These actions include schedule restructuring, daily space cleaning, and social distancing. These factors have resulted in slower processing time in the form of late order fulfillment, a lack of tracking number updates, and missing or late packages. AC Infinity would like to apologize for the inconvenience and frustration these issues may have caused our customers.

Our warehouse team has expanded alongside our customer service team to facilitate the fulfillment of orders. The increase in staff will ensure all orders will depart from our warehouse in a prompt manner. To address the logistical issues on our shipping carrier’s end, the company will be keeping constant contact with them to get up-to-the-minute information on a package’s location in its delivery route. These efforts will minimize the lack of tracking information and keep our customers updated for peace of mind.

Out of Stock Items

The surge in online shopping has also resulted in our most popular product lines quickly selling out. These product lines include the CLOUDLINE series, carbon filters, AIRLIFT series, and AIRTAP series. In addition, these products’ restock dates have been extended on multiple occasions due to shipment issues and lack of space in our current warehouse. Plans to increase storage capacity has been moved up and our company will be moving its headquarters to a larger warehouse. This will allow for ample stock so that the company can better fulfill our customer’s demand for our cooling solutions. It will also allow us to provide shorter, more predictable ETAs of product restock.

AC Infinity will continue to adapt to COVID-19 related changes to the online shopping experience and regularly revisit the issues listed above. Quick updates will be provided by the banner at the top of each page regarding our status and shipping information.