Why Ventilation Is Important

Airflow is important when using a grow tent. Depending on what you're growing or if you’ve taken your hobby to the next level, an inline duct fan is the most popular choice amongst growers.

Our AC Infinity Cloudline series duct fan brings in steady and controlled airflow to create the perfect growing environment to fit your plant’s needs.

The reason we want airflow in a grow tent is to bring in fresh air exchange, plants use CO2 during the day and levels can quickly become depleted, the air needs to be replenished with fresh air.

Another reason is having any stagnant air can cause mold to grow on your plants and damage buds and flowers. Humidity can attract unwanted pests and diseases that can also be damaging.

Heat can be another factor that will need ventilation, too much heat can damage your plants if the temperature goes over their ideal growing environments. Ventilating the space will remove excess heat.

To learn more on this topic and see our Cloudline fan being used, watch Growing Answers video on the topic.