What Makes Cloudline Quieter Compared to Other Fans?

The Cloudline Series is a line of Inline duct fans that are known to be quieter than other inline fans on the market. Containing an E.C.-motor that is controlled by P.W.M, our fans use modulation pulses to optimize the motors performance at every speed, resulting in up to 40% increased efficiency. This enables the inline fan to reach low speeds without generating noise or heat. Lower motor temperature equals lower bearing temperature equals better reliability making it a better option versus other non E.C. motor fans.

In comparison, A.C.-powered duct fans simply suppresses the voltage to stall fan speeds, forcing its motor to run loud and inefficiently. External speed controls typically adjust the incoming voltage by altering the smooth AC sine wave. This is not always good for motor lifetime, and could increase noise. When forcing the fan to run at low speeds with an A.C. motor, there is a tendency to generate heat and even sparking. AC motors are designed to operate at a certain point on their performance curve which corrisponds with their peak efficiency.

You'll notice a big difference when comparing them side by side. Most growers want to improve not only air cirrulation with in their tent, but any extra noise and rattaling that can become bothersome if using an A.C. motor. For a quieter and smoother running fan, the Cloudline Series won't dissapoint.