Our Newest Arrivals of January for Keeping Your Trimmers Clean!

AC Infinity announces the arrival of the stainless-steel pruning shears, featuring a built-in quick cleaning kit! When using leaf trimmers over time, sticky residue can build up on their blades and jam them. This hinders your ability to make precision cuts as you must exert more strength and the blades become harder to close. The quick trim cleaning kit provides a simple solution to keep your pruning shears feeling like brand new. This release also includes the arrival of the 10 inch and 12 inch carbon filters.

Each pruning shears set will come included with a clear casing that beautifully displays the trimmer, which is stood upright using the ecopoly foam. This clear casing can be removed any time and leave the jar to serve as a small, compact cleaning station. Store the stainless-steel shears anywhere from your tool belt to your grow tent’s interior organizer while you cap the jar.

To set up the quick trim cleaning kit, take the clear casing off the jar and remove the pruning shears. Fill the jar with your preferred cleaning solution such as isopropyl alcohol, acetone, or nail polish remover. When your trimmer is coated with sticky residue over long periods of use, open the blades and dip them into the sponge. Have the blades pass through the sponge a couple times for a thorough cleaning. Cap the jar with the black lid for storage.

AC Infinity also announces the arrival of the 10 inch and 12 inch carbon filters. This completes the pairing set with the CLOUDLINE series of inline duct fans and enables the 10 and 12 series to trap odors. Best used for larger grow builds, these carbon filters can capture up to 0.02 micron sized particles and lasts twice as long, when reversing the flanges. This ensures complete blockage of odor molecules and the inline filter outputs clean air.

The pruning shears with cleaning kit is available now and the carbon filters will be made available soon.