Our Newest Arrivals of December for Greenhouse Management

AC Infinity announces the arrival of five brand new products that collectively bolster your greenhouse or shed! These larger sized shutter exhaust fans expel warm air from larger growing spaces while the corded probes ensure they’re running only when necessary. A greenhouse or shed is the best place to store gardening tools like pruning shears, used to neaten your plants for controlled growth. Read more below to see what each of these gardening solutions can do on their own, or achieve together.


The AIRLIFT shutter exhaust fan now comes in 16-inch configurations, delivering over 3000 CFM of airflow while smoothly running at 70 dBa. This provides optimal cooling to larger indoor spaces like garages and industrial greenhouses at noise levels no louder than a vacuum cleaner.

All T-Series fans include our temperature and humidity controller, capable of advanced functions like climate triggers and using two fans at once. Together with our sensor probe, this smart controller detects climate conditions down to the millisecond to give accurate readings. More on the sensor probe below.

The EC motor returns to the AIRLIFT T16 to provide PWM controls that offer maximum performance with efficient use of energy. With this 16” shutter fan, you’ll get the same 67,000-hour lifespan in a high-quality build that looks sleek and keeps moisture out.


For a more standard cooling solution, look to the AIRLIFT S16 with speed controls. This build includes a simple and straightforward controller with 8 fan speed levels and backup memory in case of abrupt power shutoff.

S-Series fans bring the same airflow performance as that of T-Series fans. Both also feature a facelifted design that simplifies the installation process while improving airflow exhaustion. By moving the arm mechanism towards the center, air can more easily pass through the louvers which lightens the fan load.

Sensor Probe 20 Feet

The corded sensor probe now comes available as individual packages and in more lengths. Featuring a thermalloy head made in Switzerland, this high-tech climate detector provides precision temperature and humidity readings. Its use of type 316 SAE grade steel allows the T-Series controller to give quick updates to changing conditions. This ensures you get accurate readings that will help you stay on top of your room’s climate.

Its 20 feet in length gives you flexibility in where you place your probe and how you use it. Utilizing its entire length will grant you spot detection coverage, reading temperature and humidity in specific areas such as HVAC ductwork, server racks, and in between plants in grow tents.

Sensor Probe 1 Inch

The 1-inch sensor probe is best used for ease of cable management and wide detection coverage for overall indoor climate readings. This is ideal for use in greenhouses where overall humidity management is vital. Other applicable areas include grow tents, tool sheds, attics, garages, and crawlspaces.

The sensor probe is compatible with all controllers that pair with the following T-Series fans:

  • CLOUDLINE Series of Inline Duct Fans
  • AIRLIFT Series of Shutter Exhaust Fans
  • AIRTITAN Series of Crawlspace & Basement Fans
  • AIRBLAZE Series of Fireplace Blower Fans
  • CLOUDRAY Series of Whole House Fans

Pruning Shears

AC Infinity dips further into your grow space with the arrival of the straight blade pruning shears. Its stainless-steel construction gives it a highly durable feel while staying sharp through long term use. So when your greenhouse plants fully mature, you’ll have confidence this quick trimmer will last through large quantities. Growers will enjoy its non-stick Teflon coating that repels sticky plant residue and prevents resin build-up and jamming. And with its ergonomic design and spring-loaded mechanism, those with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis can rest assured they can continuously cut with no pain.