Our Newest Arrivals of April for Smarter Growing!

AC Infinity announces the newest addition to our line of growing accessories. Traditional clay pots do well in securing your plants in place and allowing them to grow undisturbed. Their solid flat bottom however root bounds them, as their roots continuously grow and coil around. Bottom-heavy roots limit your plant’s growth potential since there is no even root coverage in the soil for efficient water and nutrient absorption. Using a breathable grow pot will promote healthier plant growth.

Fabric Plant Pot

Each set will include five tough, heavy-duty fabric planter bags and come in 3-gallon, 5-gallon, or 7-gallon sizes. Made of 500G thick nonwoven fabric, these grow bags are stitched with durable handles and are tear-proof, providing insulation from inclement weather. This fabric is BPA-free which makes them ideal for growing cannabis, ensuring they only take in the water and nutrients they need to produce bigger yields.

Maximize Growth Potential

Using solid pots can not only root bound your marijuana plants but also drown their roots. With nowhere to drain, it becomes easier to overwater them and inhibit their growth. By planting in a breathable grow pot, your roots will be able to air-prune themselves and create a wider network with which to absorb all your soil’s nutrients. Its permeability ensures your plant is given the right amount of water as well, draining excess liquids through the fabric pot walls. 

This set of marijuana fabric pots feature built-in rings that will facilitate low-stress training and midair hanging. While other planters require you to bore holes for you to use plant ties, this innovative set of planter bags quickly enable you to  gently bend your plant’s side branches toward horizontal growth. The metal rings are lined with curved edges that are gentle to the touch and will not cut into your twist ties or rope. The fabric grow pots will be available soon.

Inline Filter Box

This release also includes the arrival of the air filter box. Most found in home or industrial settings like hospitals and clean rooms, this system works by pulling air through the filter medium to trap contaminants. It pairs with inline duct fans to create intake airflow, making up an indoor room filtration system that introduces cleaner air and reduces air pollutants.

Solid, Weather-Resistant Construction

This air cleaner housing features a strong and rigid construction made of cold-rolled steel and aluminum duct flanges. Finished with a matte black powder coating, it can withstand most weather conditions when placed outside, protecting the MERV filter inside. A simple slide lock door also keeps the MERV filter in place while giving you access to the inner chamber. The duct flanges are made to fit inline duct fans and duct tubes of the same size to facilitate non-turbulent airflow.

Universal Filter Replacement

Each filter box comes included with a high efficacy MERV 13 filter that can trap 0.3-1.0 micron-sized particles, keeping the following from entering your indoor space:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Mold/Spores
  • Welding Fumes
  • Viruses
  • …and more

4-inch and 6-inch filter box models will accept 12x20x1” filters while 8-inch and 10-inch filter box models will accept 14x20x1” filters. Each one is compatible with filter inserts of any MERV rating, giving you the flexibility of providing the appropriate level of protection for any given space.

Freshen your home or workspace now.