Our Newest Accessories of February to Organize Your Plants!

AC Infinity announces the newest additions to our line of growing accessories! Your plants increase in length and weight as they bear fruit or buds, making them harder to manage. They become unable to stand upright on their own and are subject to insects and weakened stems, resulting in depreciating yields. Using these plastic twist ties and trellis netting will facilitate your plants’ lateral growth to ensure they thrive and produce a greater harvest.

Garden Twist Ties

The all-purpose twist ties will come in four variations to fit your specific use:

  • Heavy-Duty Twist Ties
  • Soft Twist Ties
  • Green Twist Ties with Cutter
  • Black Twist Ties with Cutter

Our heavy duty twist ties feature a thinner, denser PE plastic that envelops the iron wire core while the soft twist ties use a thicker, more cushioned PE plastic instead. Their rubberized texture is non-abrasive and will secure your plants without damaging their stems, also ensuring they stay bound when the wires are bent to your desired shape. This makes both ideal for tying vined fruits and flowers such as tomatoes, eggplants, sunflowers, and orchids.

The green and black twist ties will come bundled inside a rounded case equipped with a wire cutter. Their packaging hangs on any hook or nail for easy access and cuts the twist ties to your desired length. While intended for use in gardening applications, these versatile twist ties can also be used in home and office settings to cable manage cords or organizing kitchens.

All plastic-coated twist ties offer high durability and weather-resistant performance that enables use for indoors and outdoors, and will be available soon.

Polyester Trellis Nets

Using trellis netting is ideal for training your plants to grow in the direction you want. No matter what orientation you use, this grow net will support the weight of your plants as they grow taller. Its soft polyester texture allows plants like tomatoes and cannabis to lean into the mesh without damaging their vines or stems. This makes for a heavy-duty trellis netting that is versatile, allowing for A-frame, vertical or horizontal applications. The latter will aid in low stress training and SCROG (screen of green) growing, which exposes your plants to more light as they grow wider.

Each bundle features a tearproof interweaving design capable of withstanding tight stretching and 6x6” mesh squares for easy maneuvering. Rest assured you can firmly tie the agricultural netting around wooden posts, stakes, and other structures without it coming undone.

The polyester trellis netting will soon be available in 5x15’ and 5x30’ sizes.