Keep Odors In, and Fresh Air Out

Keep odors in your filter, and fresh air out to breath. There are plenty of 4” carbon filters available now and are great for first time growers or smaller tent sizes. Designed to eliminate odors with premium grade Australian charcoal. Makes any setup look sleek with the included black pre-filter.

To determine the size filter you need for your tent depends on what fan you are using. Our 4" carbon filter works with either our Cloudline S4 or Cloudline T4. Both 4" fans have 205 CFM. 

You will then have to caluculate the volume or cubic feet of your grow tent to see if this 4" fan and filter is right for you. When calculating the cubic feet be sure to include some resistance from the filter and ducting that can drop the CFM by at least 20-25%. 

L x W x H =Cubic Feet x 25%= CFM

Multiply the Cubic feet with the 25%(1.25) resistance and that should give you the CFM rating you'll need. Just be aware other factors may play in to the calculation such as extra lights, amount of plants, temperatures in your environment. Be sure to tag us in your grows witn #acinfinity, and happy growing.