How Does The Cloudline Fan Keep your Grow Tent Cool?

How does the AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Duct fan keep your grow tent cool? Many people wonder if our units have something built into them to cool temperatures in your room or tent. In actuality our fan is a much more advanced Inline duct fan which ventilates hot air by removing it from an area quietly and efficiently .

The Cloudline Series is a series of cylindrical fans that can remove excess carbon dioxide and heat which plants accumulates in a plant filled room and help stabilize the environment. The fan uses its stator blade and dual hydrodynamic wind circles which gives it a high static pressure rating, enabling it to deliver airflow even in applications where air movement is being restricted. The way the blades were designed allows the fan to pull in air out through the other side of the opening.

The air that’s being forced out in a grow tent can often times smell especially when in the flowering stage of cannabis. The Cloudline fan can push the odor into a carbon filter which is a common setup for cannabis growers. Filtering out smells with a carbon filter needs a fan with enough CFM to get enough air passing through the surface area of the filter.

The Cloudline Series is made to get that air moving!