Hello 2020! Our Story Thus Far

2020 is finally here! Well, last week. Now that the holidays are over and we've finally settled back in, we thought we’d look back on where we started, how far we’ve come, and where we’re headed.

AC Infinity started as a group of acoustic engineers who worked on a studio renovation project. In performing their duties, their equipment overheated because of poor ventilation. With no cool air coming in, their audio gear could not perform at its best. At the time there were certainly fans strong enough to ventilate AV systems, but none quiet enough for use in studios. This team decided to take matters in their own hands.

They combined their expertise in mitigating noise levels in recording studios, with their study in sound and vibrations cause by air movement, to create a solution that was effective AND silent. Two years later, they founded AC Infinity and decided to bring this solution to the mass market; the  AIRPLATE cabinet fan system was born.

Never forgetting the thrill of creating ventilation solutions, we innovated one smart fan system after another to cover a wide range of applications. This includes component cooling, server rack cooling, and central air and heating boosting. We’ve since become the foremost leader in AV room and grow tent cooling with the advent of the CLOUDLINE series of  inline duct fans. To this day we continue to innovate and bring you more value to your cooling solutions.

We are excited to bring you fresh new products as we venture farther into new areas. 2020 is promising to be awesome so see you all soon!