Enter the RAXIAL Duct Booster Fan!

How often do you turn on your HVAC system and realize your airflow isn’t strong enough? Perhaps you have hot spots or cold spots in your home. You begin to shiver despite your heater running as you ask yourself why you’re still cold in your living room. As you check for any defects, you see that everything is intact; no leaky ductwork or improper installation, your air filters are clean, and you made sure to get the right sized HVAC unit. You might have noticed that your ducting is very long though. For cases like this, a duct booster fan could be your solution.

The RAXIAL duct booster fan is an add-on support piece to your primary air delivery system, typically installed in between duct tubes. In HVAC operations with especially long ducting, this can fan will boost airflow in sections where air movement is stagnant. This will ensure the exhausted air is properly delivered to its destination, whether it be away or into from your home.

Where to Use the Duct Booster Fan

The RAXIAL duct fan assists airflow in home exhaust applications that use tube ducting including attic, workshop, kitchen, and basement ventilation. Stale air won’t remain allowing you to continue working in comfort. In other home uses, you might consider using the inline fan for rooms that are stubbornly hot or cold.

This duct blower fan can also be used in grow tent applications, primarily as an economical intake fan to quickly introduce fresh air. Its circular shape fits most intake openings and can be secured using rope or duct clamps. This will allow your inline duct fan to run slower, reducing noise and increasing energy efficiency.

Sleek Look, Full Body Construction

Each inline duct booster fan is built with a full-bodied steel that make up the housing and the fan blades. The unwelded construction reinforces the duct fan and eliminates any points of give that may result in vibrations or rattling. Permanently lubricated ball bearings maximize the fan blade’s spinning output and save you time on maintenance. The steel housing features a sleek matte black finish that stands out among other inline can fans that look dull and industrial.

Included with each booster fan is our variable fan speed controller that is easy to use. With a simple turn of the knob, you can get the exact boost of air flow needed for your specific use. It links to the booster fan with an aviation port connector that twist locks the attachment and keeps humidity and debris out.

See how the RAXIAL duct booster fan gives you the extra kick in air flow you need to complete your home's air circulation.