Enter the CLOUDRAY Whole House Fan!

Homes that do not have central air conditioning rely on an AC unit for whole house cooling. However, AC units only impact rooms near the window it is installed on, leaving the rest of the house hot and uncomfortable. Moreover, air conditioning units expend a lot of energy leaving you with a pricy electricity bill. With these issues in mind, we are proud to introduce a new solution to our collection of cooling products, the CLOUDRAY whole house fan system!

What is it?

This is an exhaust fan designed to be installed in your home attic and pull air from your entire house. The warm air is then expelled through your roof vent. By opening your windows, the house fan creates an intake that pulls cooler and fresher air from the outside. It uses a pulse width modulated controlled EC motor that allows it to run quietly spin the fan blades. The EC motor also runs efficiently to use a fraction of the energy a typical air conditioner expends.

Unlike most other whole house fans you’d find on Amazon, our fan system features a premium matte black appearance that does not sustain any vibration for quieter operation.

What Does it Come With?

The whole house attic fan utilizes our temperature and humidity fan controller that is capable of setting triggers that trip according to your home’s climate. It can also adjust its power output to your home’s climate, so you don’t needlessly spend energy. Other programs include alarms and timers that allow you to automate the house fan.

Each CLOUDRAY fan includes a damper that ensure one-way air flow. This means hot and stale air stays exhausted out from your roof, while keeping dust and debris from entering your home. Gravity-fed damper blades softly descend when the whole house fan is not in use ensure a quiet experience. They also prevent cooling loss between your home and attic.

To give the attic fan damper an integrated look on your ceiling, a 15-inch grille rounds out the package. It features a powder-coated white appearance that goes well with any ceiling while adding a homey touch.

See how the CLOUDRAY whole house fan is the smart switch from your air conditioning unit and enjoy the energy savings. Available here and on Amazon.