Enter the ARKTICA Wall Mount Rack Cabinet!

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our array of smart fan cooling systems! The ARKTICA series consists of smart fan rack cabinets that keep your rack equipment cool and prevent them from overheating. Featuring a smoked tempered glass panel, the ARKTICA adds a sleek and professional touch to your living room, server closet, or music studio.

The three 120mm fans at the top of the equipment rack exhaust the heated air and is powered by a smart station. Use the advanced programming to control fan speeds, triggers, timers, and alarms and automate your cooling.

Each ARKTICA wall mount rack provides excellent security and protection thanks to its durable steel construction. Lockable casters allow you easily transport your rack equipment and keep them in place if you set the rack on the floor. Each door gives you easy access to your rack equipment and is lockable to prevent theft or tampering.

Find out more about the  ARKTICA wall mount rack and see how it will keep your rack equipment running optimally!