Enter the AIRLIFT S-Series of Shutter Exhaust Fans!

AC Infinity announces the arrival of the AIRLIFT S-Series! This addition our current line of shutter exhaust fans pairs them with a PWM-controlled fan speed controller. Specially made for use in tool sheds, attics, and greenhouses, this fan is ideal for those who prefer simple controls or for daisy-chaining applications.

As Powerful as Ever

Those who’ve already experienced the AIRLIFT T-Series will find familiar ground with the S-Series, which features matching performance in ventilation. Powered by an electronically commutated (EC) motor, the AIRLIFT delivers over 1000 CFM of airflow. It uses permanently lubricated dual ball bearings that offer a 67,000-hour lifespan and delivers the airflow at low noise levels.

Built for exhausting air outside, this shutter exhaust fan has an IP-44 water-resistant rating to repel water and keep dust from entering the fan.

You can create a daisy-chaining set up by connecting this fan to a T-Series smart controller. This will allow your two shutter fans to share the same fan settings and programming and achieve twice the performance.

Precise Speed Controller

The AIRLIFT S-Series shutter fan includes our 8-speed controller that can optimize noise and airflow levels for many applications. It uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology that enables the fan to smoothly run at low RPM speeds without motor noise.

Power get cut off? This controller will remember the last fan speed you set so you can get back up and running.

An Updated Shutter

The AIRLIFT S-Series of shutter exhaust fans will come with a facelift, which will feature physical improvements.

Mounting is made easier and cleaner with a new backplate. Its flat design facilitates the installation process by bringing the mounting holes closer to your wall, while also achieving creating a flush look.

Air now has an easier time passing through the gravity-fed shutters. The exhaust fan’s arm mechanism is relocated to the center, so the louvers open with an even amount of airflow across its entire length. This results in a more efficient airflow exhaust.

The AIRLIFT S10 and AIRLIFT S12 shutter exhaust fans with speed controller are available now.