DIY 3D Printing MULTIFAN Project

3D printing has become more accesable over the years, alowing people to create and share deisgns online. Many of these designs can incorporate already manufactured items, such as game consoles like the example below.

This 3d Printed Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet by Concavechest is a great example of the many ways you can use an everyday item and make it more fun and interesting. This stand for the Nintendo Switch in the form of a miniature arcade cabinet includes usb ports as well as one of our USB fans for cooling. One of many examples to incorperate our project fans into a DIY project.

This 3d print out used our AC Infinity MULTIFAN S1, Quiet 80mm USB Fan to cool down the inner cabinet. The 3D model is also available for download and includes instructions along with links to other add on purchases. 

Share your designs and projects will us using the hashtag, #ACINFINITY