Get 20% off All CLOUDLINE Goods on Our LAST Sale of 2019!

Can you believe it? 2019 is coming to an end, and not just this year, but also this decade! We've grown quite a bit since we started in 2012, cooling millions of AV receivers, server closets, and gaming consoles to date. We're just getting started though; while our inline duct fans are capable of many exhaust applications, growers can exhaust stale air from their residential and commercial grow rooms as well!

Consider this: Whatever you are growing, you'll need to set up the space for it. You select your closet for the utmost covert operation; tucked away where it won't be seen or heard. You build up your grow tent piece by piece, and finally, it's time to install your active exhaust fan. Fast forward to full operation, and a faint but discernible hum makes its way through your ears as you try to sleep. It keeps you up nightly. There must be a way to ensure a quiet space. There has to be another way.

Here's your opportunity to diminish that fan noise! When the clock strikes 12 AM on the 31st this week, use the promo code "FESTIVE20" to get 20% off all inline fans and accessories. Take this opportunity to snag yourself a CLOUDLINE T6, a mixed flow high CFM inline fan that is silent and is highly energy efficient. The blower fan also features smart speed controls that trigger activation upon reaching temperature thresholds.

This offer code is valid until January 2nd at 11:59 PM PST.

We will be off this Wednesday for New Year's Day, so celebrate safely and we'll see YOU in 2020!